Writing a masterpiece… Umberto D. (1952)

  “No doubts one’s first and most superficial reaction to everyday reality is that it is tedious. Until we are able to overcome some moral and intellectual laziness, in fact, this reality will continue to appear uninteresting.  One shouldn’t be astonished that the cinema has always felt the natural, unavoidable necessity to insert a ‘story’ in the reality to make it exciting and spectacular”…

Words by Cesare Zavattini – Umberto D.‘s (1952) story and screenplay writer.  

To be continued…


My Criterion Collection

Is there such a thing as a ‘healthy obsession’? Something good for your mind/brain, soul/heart? Yes, there is.  This is mine: http://www.criterion.com/my_criterion/151455-cristiano/collection


Miss Bala (2011)

Between 2006 and 2011 around 36000 people died in Mexico due to fighting against drug trafficking. The director, Gerardo Naranjo, shows us a moment in the life of a woman, Laura Guerrero, and he has the courage to reveal how her figure is humiliated and exploited mercilessly.
*SPOILER ALERT* Laura, the main protagonist of this interesting Mexican movie, in the final scene, is sitting on the edge of a road, abused, arrested unjustly, tarnished and then thrown away like damaged goods. Despite all that she keeps carrying inside of her a heart that continues to beat even when all her dreams have been killed by the brutality of men.
Strong and remarkable movie.



Insidious | Chapter 2 (2014)

You could see that Mr. James Wan had more freedom while shooting Insidious | Chapter 2. Good technique BUT the whole thing sounded a bit as already seen (several times).
The movie never scared us and didn’t really work fully even as a dark adventure.
I like James Wan. He’s got some personality. He is maturing. But Insidious 2 highlighted the fact that there is still a strong need for new ideas in a cinematic landscape now overcrowded. Like some teachers used to say to my parents when I was in school, “the boy can do better”. Much better.



The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012)


I liked the movie but I found the two main characters a little bit too one dimensional and not very engaging. The continuous flash forwards and backwards did not add anything special to a story that was, dare I say, a bit predictable and boring. But this is me being, as usual, extremely picky. Nevertheless I enjoyed spending a couple of hours watching the movie.

The Master (2012)


The Master (2012) – Paul Thomas Anderson