#89: Shame (2011)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #89 – 16 May 2012
Skame (UK – 2011) Directed by Steve McQueen

Shame was my favourite movie of 2011. I know it was officially released at the beginning of 2012 but, weeks before, I had managed to ‘sneak’ inside a cinema where they were previewing it. So, technically, for me, it’s a 2011 movie. Everybody knows how much I loved it (hence the poster page somewhere around this site) so, this time, with the blu-ray out in the UK, and my third viewing, I can probably write what I really feel about it.
Shame will not be remembered as the most beautiful film in history or, certainly, as a milestone, but it is definitely very interesting. Excellent actors and carefully directed by Steve McQueen. Unfortunately it shows some gaps in the script, that deserved a little more effort (in the final part of the movie). A richer narrative would have made some of the sequences less heavy. Sissy attempted suicide or the scenes inside the gay club were very predictable and, for me, a let down.
What I really liked was the characterisation of New York: elegant and desperate, sparkling and degraded like the man who moves through. I liked the balance of representation of sex, objectified, but always without eroticism. I liked those long static sequences of dialogue that are already becoming a trademark of director. I liked the construction of the complex and passionate relationship between brother and sister, thanks to the outstanding performances of Fassbender and Mulligan.
Steve McQueen will be soon ready to direct another movie with his muse Fassbender (and Brad Pitt) called Twelve Years A Slave (out in 2013). The British director has become one of my favourites of the recent years. His movies are something worth living for (together with Paul Thomas Anderson, Nolan and just a few others). I literally cannot wait.




4 Comments on “#89: Shame (2011)”

  1. I’m worried for you. Great movie but I don’t think I could watch it three times 😉

    ‘…Elegant and desperate, sparkling and degraded…’, perfect description.

  2. I think my third time was the last one for a long time. I did the same with Hunger. I can’t watch it anymore. Too powerful. It makes me feel too uncomfortable.

  3. Summit10 says:

    truly a masterpiece. Michael and Carrey’s chemistry is forlorn and magnetice! Nice review 🙂

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