#88: Dream House (2011)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #88 – 14 May 2012
Dream House (USA – 2011) Directed by Jim Sheridan
Apple TV


Without revealing too much about this movie, all I can say is that as soon as the twist is revealed (why o why did they decide to do it only after 45 minutes), at the halfway point, Dream House loses bite very quickly falling into a vortex of deja-vu and boredom. The end is rushed and predictable.
Directed by Jim Sheridan (or maybe not since everybody is aware all the of issues Sheridan had with some Hollywood producers – many scenes were reshot from scratch without his consent) the movie is floating between a decent beginning to the awful, awful and (more) awful final 30 minutes.
Maybe without all the production problems, we would find ourselves in front of a film above the average, but as things stand Dream House is just one huge missed opportunity. No wonder why Sheridan, Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz refused to promote this work. Bad, really bad…(I mean, BAD!)




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