#87: The International (2009)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #87 – 10 May 2012
The International (USA – 2009) Directed by Tom Tykwer
Netflix UK

The International” is a classic film about two people trying to defeat forces larger than themselves. The dark forces are in this case, banks and large international corporations, that make men mere pawns in a game world full of interest. The film’s thesis is that, no matter how seemingly insignificant, every one of us can make a difference as an individual.
The movie has engaging story, but poorly managed. It is intelligent but not too detailed. It is realistic but, at times, unlikely. The dialog is boring. Chemistry between the two main actors: definitely not there. The action scene inside the Guggenheim: cool, overlong and unrealistic. Too bad the Director did not decide to go deep with story. He as failed to make this movie an unmissable one.




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