#85: That Cold Day In The Park (1969)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #85 – 08 May 2012
That Cold Day In The Park (USA – 1969) Directed by Robert Altman

A rich Vancouver woman (Frances), unmarried and alone, gives hospitality to a young drifter and makes him her prisoner, preventing him from leaving. One day she gets him a prostitute, but then, overcome by jealousy, she kills her.
Excellent “Sex claustrophobic” drama. Robert Altman achieves, with rare skills, to bring the viewer in the middle of Frances’ loneliness and slowly constructs the movie towards the final tragedy.
Altman goes all the way in his criticism of a rich society: without pity and without compromises. Once again, Sandy Dennis is unbelievable good in this movie.




2 Comments on “#85: That Cold Day In The Park (1969)”

  1. Altman was such a rare talent. Still no other director quite matches his style.

  2. Have you seen this one?

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