#82: Mother And Child (2009)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies during this year.”
Movie #82 – 01 May 2012
Mother And Child (USA – 2009) Directed by Rodrigo García
Apple TV

Three women. Three stories. Karen (Annette Bening), middle-aged nurse who became pregnant at 14 and was forced to give in adoption her daughter. That daughter is Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), now cold, lonely, successful lawyer who finds herself to handle an unplanned pregnancy. And then there’s Lucy (Kerry Washington), a young African American woman who can not have children with her husband and has decided to adopt one.
‘Heavy’ events, full of suffering, excruciating doubts and painful choices, but the Director (Rodrigo Garcia) wisely avoids melodramatic scenes. Mother and Child is not a perfect film or a masterpiece, but it is a product that does touch your heart through various way of understanding motherhood and the unbreakable bond between mother and child. Men are in the movie too. But they are not important. Just accessories.




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