#91: The Grey (2011)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #91 – 22 May 2012
The Grey (USA – 2011) Directed by Joe Carnahan

Will it be very wrong for me to say that I really loved this movie? Or maybe I should just play it cool and say that it was a decent unrealistic (‘art-house’ wanna be) adventure movie with a lot of flaws everywhere. No, let me say it loud. I LOVED this movie. Really loved it. Loved Liam Neeson, the other characters (including the nasty wolves) and their meaningless conversations around a fire. This is a proper man movie. The ones my dad would really dig. Again, it had that 70s American Movie feel that I really like. I might have to get the disc out again. Hey, where’s my wallet?




#90: The Woodsman (2004)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #90 – 21 May 2012
The Woodsman (USA – 2004) Directed by Nicole Kassell
Netflix UK

A movie without a lot of dialogue. It tells the tragic story of this man through a visual realism, unadorned and simple, reminiscent of some American cinema of the ’70s. Even the figure of the hero is tied to the dynamics of the anti-hero from the filmography of those years. It generates in the viewer a kind of hate/love feeling toward that man. A film that does not give answers, but raises questions, discussion and thoughtful reflections. No one is free from defects and love, perhaps, have more facets of what we believe. This film is certainly not easy, but definitely worth seeing. Kevin Bacon is great.



The Master (2012) Paul Thomas Anderson

The waiting has become unbearable.



The Week of a Movie Sucker #19

Movie things bought this week


– Shame (2011) Blu-ray
– I Am Love (2010) Blu-ray

#89: Shame (2011)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #89 – 16 May 2012
Skame (UK – 2011) Directed by Steve McQueen

Shame was my favourite movie of 2011. I know it was officially released at the beginning of 2012 but, weeks before, I had managed to ‘sneak’ inside a cinema where they were previewing it. So, technically, for me, it’s a 2011 movie. Everybody knows how much I loved it (hence the poster page somewhere around this site) so, this time, with the blu-ray out in the UK, and my third viewing, I can probably write what I really feel about it.
Shame will not be remembered as the most beautiful film in history or, certainly, as a milestone, but it is definitely very interesting. Excellent actors and carefully directed by Steve McQueen. Unfortunately it shows some gaps in the script, that deserved a little more effort (in the final part of the movie). A richer narrative would have made some of the sequences less heavy. Sissy attempted suicide or the scenes inside the gay club were very predictable and, for me, a let down.
What I really liked was the characterisation of New York: elegant and desperate, sparkling and degraded like the man who moves through. I liked the balance of representation of sex, objectified, but always without eroticism. I liked those long static sequences of dialogue that are already becoming a trademark of director. I liked the construction of the complex and passionate relationship between brother and sister, thanks to the outstanding performances of Fassbender and Mulligan.
Steve McQueen will be soon ready to direct another movie with his muse Fassbender (and Brad Pitt) called Twelve Years A Slave (out in 2013). The British director has become one of my favourites of the recent years. His movies are something worth living for (together with Paul Thomas Anderson, Nolan and just a few others). I literally cannot wait.



#88: Dream House (2011)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #88 – 14 May 2012
Dream House (USA – 2011) Directed by Jim Sheridan
Apple TV


Without revealing too much about this movie, all I can say is that as soon as the twist is revealed (why o why did they decide to do it only after 45 minutes), at the halfway point, Dream House loses bite very quickly falling into a vortex of deja-vu and boredom. The end is rushed and predictable.
Directed by Jim Sheridan (or maybe not since everybody is aware all the of issues Sheridan had with some Hollywood producers – many scenes were reshot from scratch without his consent) the movie is floating between a decent beginning to the awful, awful and (more) awful final 30 minutes.
Maybe without all the production problems, we would find ourselves in front of a film above the average, but as things stand Dream House is just one huge missed opportunity. No wonder why Sheridan, Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz refused to promote this work. Bad, really bad…(I mean, BAD!)



#87: The International (2009)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies I have never seen before during this year.”
Movie #87 – 10 May 2012
The International (USA – 2009) Directed by Tom Tykwer
Netflix UK

The International” is a classic film about two people trying to defeat forces larger than themselves. The dark forces are in this case, banks and large international corporations, that make men mere pawns in a game world full of interest. The film’s thesis is that, no matter how seemingly insignificant, every one of us can make a difference as an individual.
The movie has engaging story, but poorly managed. It is intelligent but not too detailed. It is realistic but, at times, unlikely. The dialog is boring. Chemistry between the two main actors: definitely not there. The action scene inside the Guggenheim: cool, overlong and unrealistic. Too bad the Director did not decide to go deep with story. He as failed to make this movie an unmissable one.