Unfinished Business | Repo Man (1984)

Sometimes, very rarely, I watch a movie and then, after a few minutes, my brain switches off and refuses to concentrate on the images running in front of my eyes. I am watching but nothing else happens inside. Eyes and brain did it again last night. I had to press the stop button because I could not follow, enjoy, get involved or care about the movie.

The movie was, the recently promoted to ‘cult classic’, Repo Man (1984) by Alex Cox.


I watched 50 minutes of something that was too clumsy and frivolous to be called “artistic”, too simple and easy to be “experimental”, too rambling and anarchic to be “commercial”. I think Alex Cox (the Director) wrote/made this movie in the same way a drunk would speak of philosophy: falling into nonsense, constantly coming off the track without reaching the point or doing something interesting and logical. Sorry but I did not get it at all. I found myself thinking about everything but the movie. Picked up the iPad a few times to tweet or read anything that could take me away from the boredom of Repo Man.
The movie had moments, atmospheres and situations that did not seem to have any purpose.
Was there any plot?
I had to switch off.
Despite all the above, I am willing to give the movie another chance. The Blu-ray is there, staring at me, by the television. Will try it again one day soon. Anybody else experienced the same when watching Repo Man?



3 Comments on “Unfinished Business | Repo Man (1984)”

  1. Hm, I didn’t have that experience at all when I watched Repo Man a week or so ago. There is definitely a plot, but it’s a slow build.

    • I am watching it again on Saturday. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood to watch that kind of movie.
      Any movie that you couldn’t finish?

      • Oh, plenty. And you are totally right, mood certainly affects viewing experience.
        Just a few weeks ago I tried watching Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, something that had been recommended to me several times, and by all accounts, something I should thoroughly enjoy. I made it about 10 minutes in before shutting it off.

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