#67: Another Earth (2011)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies during this year.”
Movie #67 – 03 April 2012
Another Earth (USA – 2011) Directed by Mike Cahill
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There is a wonderful film that uses science fiction as a means to venture into a deep analysis of the human being, putting under the magnifying glass anxieties, fears, contradictions and drawing a handsome portrait of modern man, poised between feeling and reason, constantly subjected to the difficult task of maintaining balance in interpersonal relationships: this film is Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia. Another Earth is not Melancholia.
Even the last scene does not give the movie that shock it really needs. The film runs slow to a predictable ending that bores you. You can spend 90 minutes of your life watching this movie without feeling insulted. But there are better ones around. Praise to Brit Marling (who wrote the screenplay together with the director) who is sweet and icy at the same time.




2 Comments on “#67: Another Earth (2011)”

  1. My goal is to watch 300 movies and I’m only a handful ahead of you…Looks like you’ll be surpassing 150 by far!
    Great blog

  2. I think you are right. I will probably have to change the intro. I thought 150 was a lot. I’ll be spending my Easter break reading your blog. I am glad I found it.

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