American 70s Movie of the week – Blume In Love (1973)

American movies from the 70s (and late 60s) are definitely my favourite ones. The 1970s have rightly been called the last golden age of American cinema, a reference to Hollywood and independent movies. All the rules were gone. Directors and screenwriters had more freedom to express themselves trying to capture moments of real American life. The inspiration: probably Italian and French Directors who had been able to create stories never seen in any previous american movies.
Every Monday one, not widely known, movie taken from my DVD collection.

Blume In Love (1973)
Watch the Trailer here

Main Actors:
George Segal – Blume
Susan Anspach – Nina Blume
Kris Kristofferson – Elmo
Director – Paul Mazursky
Screenplay – Paul Mazursky


PLOT (from Wikipedia)
The plot concerns the efforts of Stephen Blume, a Beverly Hills divorce lawyer played by Segal, to regain the wife (Anspach) who has divorced him. The director also plays a part in the film. The movie was nominated for a Writers Guild of America (WGA) award in the category of “Best Comedy Written Directly for the Screen.” The film is best known for a scene in which Segal rapes Anspach.



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