#28: Rock-a-Bye-Baby (1958)

“The 2012 Movie challenge . To watch at least 150 movies during this year.”
Movie #28 – 28 January 2012
Rock-a-Bye-Baby (USA – 1958) Directed by Frank Tashlin

Rock-a-Bye-Baby is only fun in parts (the first half an hour to be precise). In the second part there are too many musical sequences that are slow, boring and too sentimental. However the movie has to be watched because the very young Jerry Lewis was über funny. It was still the beginning of his career (pre Dean Martin – I mean), and the director Frank Tashlin (who had just shot the only recently rediscovered Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?) did his best to highlight Jerry Lewis’ goofiness. Some of the gags are still funny now (more than 40 years later). Unfortunately the musical numbers do ruin the great atmosphere of the first part. But if you are French (they think Lewis was a genius) or you are just a fan (like me), you will definitely enjoy the film. You will laugh, smile and repeatedly use the pause/rewind buttons to re watch some of the scenes at the beginning of Rock-a-Bye-Baby. Pure fun.




Stop the press! Just seen that the movie is being released on DVD and (hurrah!) Blu Ray in the States. http://amzn.to/yD2AZm (29 January 2012 update). I could finally replace my dodgy old disc.


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