Battle: Los Angeles

The joy (or maybe not) of iTunes and Apple TV. During this bleak and cloudy Sunday afternoon I couldn’t find any movie I really wanted to watch. Battle: Los Angeles was there on the main page of my Apple TV. Exactly what I needed: two hours of fun. And two hours of fun I did have. Say what you want but Hollywood is great in producing these silly blockbusters. Amazing special effects for this joy ride movie. But special effects do not always make a movie good, do they? Once again the director and producers did not succeed in making something fun and, at the same time, good/intelligent. The usual over the top American patriotism (are all the Americans really like that? – are they for real?) is all over this movie making nearly sick to watch. All the focus is on these American soldiers (Marines this time), the nation pride, ready to die to save the world no matter what. We don’t get to know anything about the invaders, nothing at all. They are just bad and ugly. We are not asked to understand what is going on; who’s right, who’s not; why they are attacking us. We are just asked to trust, cry and clap for these American heroes because, as we already know, they are always right and the good ones. Any doubt about it?


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